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Rhenman & Partners Asset Management AB

Rhenman & Partners Asset Management, founded in 2008, is a Stockholm-based investment manager focusing on two niche funds that form part of the fund umbrella of FundRock Management Company S.A. in Luxembourg: Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S, a long-biased equity fund launched in 2009, and Rhenman Global Opportunities L/S, launched in 2016. Assets under management amount to approximately EUR 700m. Since inception in 2009, we have been able to report an average annual return of + 20%. However, we do not give any investment advice. Those who are looking to invest in our funds should first discuss the matter with a professional investment advisor.

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RHE L/S is a global, actively managed long-biased equity fund focused exclusively on the healthcare sector. The fund was launched June 22, 2009.


Fund performance - March 2020

IC1(EUR)NAV526.64MTD-14.76%YTD-20.93%SINCE INCEPTION426.64%INCEPTION DATE06/22/2009
IC3(EUR)NAV628.21MTD-14.70%YTD-20.82%SINCE INCEPTION528.21%INCEPTION DATE07/31/2009
IC2(SEK)NAV413.07MTD-12.86%YTD-18.08%SINCE INCEPTION313.07%INCEPTION DATE12/31/2012
ID1(SEK)NAV287.25MTD-12.90%YTD-22.54%SINCE INCEPTION187.25%INCEPTION DATE04/30/2012
IC1(USD)NAV130.41MTD-14.79%YTD-22.72%SINCE INCEPTION30.41%INCEPTION DATE01/31/2015
IC2(USD)NAV177.09MTD-14.75%YTD-22.62%SINCE INCEPTION77.09%INCEPTION DATE04/30/2014
RC1(EUR)NAV457.48MTD-14.80%YTD-21.04%SINCE INCEPTION357.48%INCEPTION DATE08/31/2010
RC1(SEK)NAV495.10MTD-12.94%YTD-18.29%SINCE INCEPTION395.10%INCEPTION DATE06/22/2009
RC2(SEK)NAV519.46MTD-12.90%YTD-18.19%SINCE INCEPTION419.46%INCEPTION DATE06/22/2009


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RGO L/S is a global, actively managed long/short equity fund that can invest in all sectors worldwide. The fund was launched August 31, 2016.


Fund performance - March 2020

RC1(SEK)NAV80.06MTD-11.76%YTD-23.09%SINCE INCEPTION-19.94%INCEPTION DATE08/31/2016
RC9(SEK)NAV83.73MTD-11.67%YTD-22.85%SINCE INCEPTION-16.27%INCEPTION DATE08/31/2016
IC1(EUR)NAV69.12MTD-13.61%YTD-25.59%SINCE INCEPTION-30.88%INCEPTION DATE06/30/2017


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What does this synthetic risk and reward indicator mean?

  • The units of Rhenman & Partners fund are classified in category 7 because the value of the unit may be subject to high variations and consequently the risk of loss and the opportunity of gain may be high.
  • The risk category has been determined using the maximum risk limit allowed for this unit class. The risk category may not be a reliable indicator of the unit class’s future risk profile. The risk category shown is not guaranteed and may change over time.
  • The seven-category scale is complex, for example 2 is not twice as risky as 1. The gap between 1 and 2 might not be the same as the gap between 5 and 6. A category 1 sub-fund is not a risk-free investment – the risk of losing your money is small, but the chance of making gains is also limited.

Which materially relevant risks are not adequately captured by the synthetic indicator?

  • Market risk when short selling: the sub-fund can sell equities it does not own, but that have been borrowed via a securities lending agreement. Since the borrowed equities must be bought at market price when recalled, an increase of the price of the short sold equities will result in a loss for the sub-fund.
  • Credit risk: the sub-fund invests directly or indirectly in interest bearing instruments, for example bonds. If an issuer of such an instrument cannot pay interest or the nominal amount at maturity, the investment can lose some or all of its value.
  • The sub-fund may use derivatives. Due to their structure, the risk associated with these investment instruments may have a larger impact on the value of the sub-fund, than buying the underlying stock or investment instrument directly.
  • Liquidity risk: low liquidity might result in that it would be difficult or impossible to buy or sell an investment instrument in a timely manner and that the price could be lower or higher than expected.
  • Political risk: through its investments, the sub-fund may be exposed to risk in countries and markets that have less developed political, economic and legal systems.
  • Currency risk: the sub-fund may hold some of its investments in currencies other than the sub-fund’s reference currency. Thus the value of the sub-fund may rise and fall due to currency movements.
  • Operational risk: the risk of loss resulting from e.g. system breakdowns, human errors or from external events.

How can I get more information about the risks of the sub-fund?

Additional information concerning the risks of investment is indicated in the corresponding sections of the prospectus of the fund.

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