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Rhenman & Partners Asset Management

About Rhenman & Partners

Founded in 2008, Rhenman & Partners Asset Management is a Stockholm-based asset manager that focuses on two niche funds: Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S (RHE L/S), founded in 2009, and Rhenman Global Opportunities L/S (RGO L/S), launched on August 31, 2016. The funds are managed by FundRock Management Company S.A.

Since inception of the funds in 2009, the average annual return has been +19 % for RHE L/S. Total assets under management are approximately EUR 700 million.

Rhenman & Partners is authorized to conduct securities operations in the form of discretionary portfolio management regarding financial instruments. This means that Rhenman & Partners manages the funds’ assets, i.e. buy and sell securities within the framework of the funds’ investment regulations. However, we do not provide investment advice. Investors who are considering investing in the fund are strongly recommended to discuss investment questions with a professional investment advisor.

Rhenman & Partners Asset Management AB is founded


The fund Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S (RHE L/S) is launched


RHE L/S wins the EuroHedge Long Term Equity Strategies Performance Award over 5Y


The fund Rhenman Global Opportunities (RGO L/S) is launched


RHE L/S wins the NordicHedge Award for best performing Nordic Hedge Fund over 5Y


RHE L/S is featured in the Financial Times and is ranked the best European Hedge Fund in all categories over 5Y


RHE L/S celebrates 10-year anniversary