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Legal information & complaints


If you have complaints about our management or other services offered by us, you can contact the company’s complaints officer via telephone, letter or e-mail. We have outsourced our complaint handling and it is administered by Anna Ramel AB, with the following contact details:

Anna Ramel
Anna Ramel AB

You can also contact the company’s CEO:
Göran Nordström
Rhenman & Partners Asset Management AB



The processing time is normally two weeks and we usually respond in writing. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can contact one of the following external bodies:

Corporate customers have the right to have their case tried in arbitration.


Please note that Rhenman & Partners is solely the portfolio manager of the funds. Rhenman & Partners is not authorized to provide – and will not provide – investment recommendations to investors. Investors and potential investors considering investing in the funds should discuss the matter with a professional investment advisor.