Li-Huei Tsai receives The Hans Wigzell Research Foundation’s science prize amounting to USD 100,000

14 February, 2019 - Okategoriserade

The Hans Wigzell Research Foundation (Hans Wigzells forskningsstiftelse) will today award its third annual scientific prize to the neuroscientist Professor Li-Huei Tsai at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, USA. Professor Tsai is to receive the prize of USD 100,000 for her pioneering research on the causes and possible therapy of Alzheimer’s disease. The […]

Rhenman & Partners wins four prestigious awards at the Nordic Hedge Awards

3 May, 2018 - Press

The sector fund Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S was named as a four-time winner at this year’s Nordic Hedge Awards; best hedge fund of all Nordic hedge funds (of which there are 154), best Nordic equity hedge fund, and best-performing Nordic hedge fund for one and five years respectively. The awards were made in the categories “Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall 2017″, “Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund 2017”, “Performance Award for 12 Months” […]