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Method and organization

Portfolio management built on strategy, analysis and experience

The fund is managed by Staffan Knafve, who has over 25 years of experience as an analyst, strategist and global equity manager. Staffan’s extensive experience has laid the foundation for the investment process focusing on value-driven and active management conducted within RGO L/S today.

Structured investment process

RGO L/S invests using a top-down macro analysis as well as a bottom-up company analysis.

The top-down analysis is used to identify attractive sectors and regions together with the fund’s Advisory Board. It provides a broad investment universe used as a basis for the final stock selection.

The bottom-up analysis aims to identify the companies in which the fund will invest. The analysis is based on the company’s market position, strategy and financial status. In addition, an assessment is made of the share’s valuation.

Portfolio Manager

Staffan Knafve

Portfolio Manager (RGO L/S)
Affiliated with Rhenman & Partners since 2012
30 years of experience in the stock market
Previous experience includes Head of Equities at Swedbank Robur and Chief Strategist at Carnegie Asset Management


Rhenman Global Opportunities L/S makes investments based on an active selection of regions and sectors, completely independent of index. The fund has 35–50 positions, preferably in larger companies. The investment horizon for long positions will typically be 2–4 years, while the time horizon for short positions will typically be 6 months up to 2 years. The fund is long-biased and has a positive outlook over the business cycle, with a typical net exposure of roughly 50–90%.

The Advisory Board

The Fund’s managers hold regular meetings with an expert council or the Advisory Board. An Advisory Board acts as a board to discuss trends and events that affect the fund’s investments. The Advisory Board does not specifically discuss stock selection, but rather seeks to identify the macroeconomic trends that may contribute to overweighting or underweighting a particular sector or region. The Advisory Board members consist of Sweden’s former Minister of Trade Ewa Björling, who currently sits on the Board of Directors of Essity and BioGaia, among other companies; Jan Risberg, an independent financial advisor with over 25 years of experience in international capital markets; and Henrik Mitelman, market analyst, strategist and columnist in Dagens Industri who has previously worked as chief analyst at SEB.

The Advisory Board provides the investment team with in-depth knowledge

Ewa Björling

Ewa Björling

Ewa serves as a board member of Essity and BioGaia, and has served as Minister of Trade in the Swedish Government during 2007–2014.

Jan Risberg

Jan Risberg

Independent financial advisor with over 25 years of experience in international capital markets, including Aros, SEB Enskilda and Ledstiernan.

Henrik Mitelman

Henrik Mitelman

A market analyst and strategist, Henrik has worked as a market columnist at Dagens Industri and as a chief analyst at SEB.