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Please note that Rhenman & Partners is solely the portfolio manager of the fund. Rhenman & Partners is not authorized to provide – and will not provide – investment recommendations to investors. Investors and potential investors considering investing in the fund should discuss the matter with a professional investment advisor.

Rhenman & Partners manages the fund Healthcare Equity L/S (RHE L/S)

Rhenman & Partners Asset Management manages the portfolio of a niche fund registered in Luxembourg: Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S (RHE L/S), launched in 2009. The fund is managed by FundRock Management Company SA., who have commissioned Rhenman & Partners Asset Management to manage the fund’s portfolio.

Information for private and legal persons

We strongly urge you to read the fact sheet and information brochure for the fund before making an investment decision. The fund is traded only once a month and the price (NAV) is set on the last business day of the month. Only official NAVs are published.

You can invest in our fund through your bank or an intermediary such as Avanza or Nordnet. Available unit classes differ slightly depending on the distribution platform. An order must be submitted before the cut-off time to enable a transaction at the end of the month. The cut-off time is dependent on the bank or intermediary, so please consult them for exact information. As a rule of thumb, cut-off is normally around the 20th each month.

Our monthly report

You can subscribe to our monthly report that contain information from our portfolio managers about the market situation, company-specific events and the fund’s development. You can also subscribe to our webcast that takes place every other month with our managers.

For questions, please email

For detailed information please refer to the prospectus and fund fact sheets.
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