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Rhenman & Partners – vinnare vid 2019 Nordic Hedge Award

Rhenman & Partners Healthcare Equity L/S vinner tre prestigefyllda priser vid Nordic Hedge Awards

  •  Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund
  •  Performance Awards – 36 Months
  •  Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall 2019 – 3rd place


Announcing the Winners of the 2019 Nordic Hedge Award

Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – HedgeNordic is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Nordic Hedge Award. While the Nordic hedge fund community could not share a laugh, shake hands, share a drink and celebrate as we have done in previous years, we can still give a big round of applause to those determined as being the best Nordic hedge funds of 2019.

The winners of the 2019 Nordic Hedge Award were selected through a three-step process. First, out of the nearly 160 hedge funds within the universe of the Nordic Hedge Index, a model co-developed with the Swedish House of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics selected the top five funds per award category. The model calculates a “quantitative” score for each fund based on several parameters such as short- and longer-term absolute, relative and risk-adjusted returns, as well as skewness in returns as a measure of downside risk. Second, qualitative ratings were assigned to each fund by a jury board comprised of industry professional to determine the “qualitative” score for each fund. Third, the quantitative and qualitative scores were equally weighted and added to create the final results and rankings.

The three best-ranked funds per award category and the respective winners are:

Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund – Supported by The Asset Management Exchange (AMX):
Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
Accendo Capital
PriorNilsson Idea
Best Nordic Fund of Hedge Funds – Supported by RBC Investor & Treasury Services:
Atlant Multi-Strategy
AIM Diversified Strategies
Formuepleje Merkur
Best Nordic Managed Futures / CTA – Supported by Efficient Capital:
IPM Systematic Currency Fund
Lynx (Sweden)
Shepherd Energy Portfolio
Best Nordic Fixed Income Hedge Fund – Supported by the Swedish House of Finance:
Asgard Fixed Income Fund
Asgard Credit Fund
Borea Høyrente
Best Nordic Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund – Supported by Harvest Advokatbyrå:
Ress Life Investments
Formuepleje Penta
Formue Nord Markedsneutral
Rookie of the Year 2019 – Supported by HedgeNordic:
Winner: HP Hedge Fixed Income, HP Fonds.

Performance Awards – Supported by Northern Trust:
12 Months: Alcur Select

36 Months: Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S

60 Months: Accendo Capital

Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall 2019 – Supported by CME Group:
Ress Life Investments
Accendo Capital
Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
Please accept the warmest congratulations from all of us at HedgeNordic and our supporting partners.