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Rhenman Healthcare L/S Equity, utsedd till The Best Performer 2017-2019.

Hedge Nordic – The Best Performers of 2019


Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – In 2019, Nordic hedge funds had their best year in the past five years after the industry endured the second-worst year on record in 2018. The Nordic Hedge Index, which currently includes 160 funds, gained 5.3 percent last year, reflecting the aggregate performance of both up-and-running hedge funds and already-defunct funds. The up-and-running members of the Nordic Hedge Index, meanwhile, returned 6.4 percent on average in 2019.

The performance of Nordic hedge funds in 2019 marked a significant improvement after several years of muted returns. Multi-strategy hedge funds were last year’s best-performing strategy group in the Nordic Hedge Index, yet equity hedge funds dominated the list of best performers. Alcur Select’s 51.4 percent return placed the fund managed by Wilhelm Gruvberg first on the list of top performers. HedgeNordic interviewed last year’s top five performers to find out more about their 2019 journeys. Read the stories of last year’s best performers by clicking the links below.

1. Alcur Select (51.4 percent): Alcur Select Bagged the Top Spot

2. Proxy Renewable Long/Short Energy (45.9 percent): First Year, Second Best Performer

3. Accendo (45.6 percent): Keeping the Sleeves Rolled Up

4. Symmetry Invest (44.4 percent): A Stunning Year on Most Fronts

5. Rhenman Healthcare L/S Equity (40.1 percent): Keep Calm and Carry On


20 Best Performing Nordic Hedge Funds in 2019

Fund name 2019 Return
Alcur Select 51.35
Proxy Renewable Long/Short Energy 45.85
Accendo 45.57
Symmetry Invest 44.38
Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S 40.12
Formuepleje Penta 34.37
Nykredit EVIRA Hedge Fund 33.97
Sector Zen Fund 30.41
Formuepleje Epikur 28.9
Asgard Credit Fund 28.64
HCP Focus Fund 27.96
Rhenman Global Opportunities L/S 25.21
Atlant Sharp 24.57
Formuepleje Safe 23.91
Pacific Precious 23.55
SEB Diversified 22.69
CARN Long Short 22.66
Taiga Fund 21.99
Formuepleje Pareto 18.82

20 Best Performing Nordic Hedge Funds in the Past 3 Years

Fund name 3-Year Ann. Return
Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S 21.37
HCP Focus Fund 16.34
Formuepleje Penta 14.72
Formue Nord Markedsneutral 13.15
Formuepleje Epikur 12.33
PriorNilsson Idea 11.55
Accendo 10.53
Incentive Active Value 9.63
Formuepleje Safe 9.53
Ress Life Investments 8.22
Borea Hoyrente 8.2
Asgard Credit Fund 7.85
Formuepleje Pareto 7.79
Othania Invest 7.6
Sector Zen Fund 7.27
Scandinavian Credit Fund I 7.2
Bodenholm 7.16
CARN Long Short 7.03
Asgard Fixed Income Fund 7.01
Sissener Canopus 6.93


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay